Application Deadlines

  • Applications submitted by May 6th 2017 will be considered for scholarship.
  • Regular application deadline is till May 30th (applications submitted after May 6th won’t be considered for awarding scholarships).

5 Responses to Application Deadlines

  1. Xiaowei Hunt says:

    Dear Dr. Zhan and ms. Josefinal Ly
    My son has filled out the application form online, but has not submitted yet. He has to wait for his official transcripts. I wish your application page allowed an applicant to save what he/she has filled out and go back to the saved form to continue with the application process as right now all he filled out has to be wasted since he does not have the official transcripts uploaded.

    It may take a few days to get the official transcripts. Can my son just submit the application form online first and send you the transcripts later? Can he send them to Dr. Zhan or Ms. Josefina Ly?


    Xiaowei Hunt,
    (Ethan Hunt’s Mom)

  2. Kuira Edwards says:

    Dear Dr. Zhan,
    I have submitted my application in late March, however I’m not sure if my teacher has submitted my recommendation letter yet because he has been out sick for a while. If he sends it when he returns this Friday, can I still qualify for the scholarship? Or if he has sent it already, can you let me know?
    Thanks in advance,
    Kuira Edwards

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